Which program fits your style?

Name of the Software





How much does it cost? Free ≈70€ Free Free
How does it work? Web; Desktop Client (Mac/Windows/Linux) Desktop Client (Mac/Windows) Plugin for Firefox or Desktop Client Desktop Client (Mac/Windows/Linux)
Work offline? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Device Application? Yes (free) Yes (free) No Yes (≈10.99€)
Can I save citations while I browse? Yes (using Web Importer) Yes (manual import using RIS/BiBTeX) Yes (using Plugin) Yes (manual import using RIS/BiBTeX)
Export to BibTeX? Yes Yes Yes Yes
How many citation styles are available? 2.800+ 2.800+ 2.800+ ?
Can I collaborate with others? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import PDF-Files?  Yes Yes Yes  Yes