How to get started

1. Click on the link below:

2. Click on the “Create a free account” button and create an account

3.  After signing up, click the “Install Web Importer” in the feed section

 4. Every browser has its own setup, Chrome and Firefox use plugins, the others use a direct link

5. In Safari you need to drag the “Save to Mendeley” button, onto your “favourites bar”

6. Click on the “Reference Manager” next to the “Web Importer”

7. Click on the “Download now” button and download the Mendeley Desktop application

8. After downloading start the application

9. The reference manager is very useful when looking for PDF articles, publications or journals. When visiting a website like Elsevier, just click on the “Save to Mendeley” button and let the magic begin.

10. A panel with lot of information about the article appears. The panel has the ability to save the website and also the PDF-file. Click the “Import” Button if you want to save something.

11. After saving an article you can look at it in your Mendeley Desktop app

(if it doesn’t appear you need to restart the application)

12. You can also use the Mendeley catalog if you want to search something specific


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