Basic Features

Use the search bar to find the right work and then the “Import” Button to save the work

You can find your saved items, when clicking the file cabinet

If you want to read the document, just double-click the title

Use the different mark options in the upper left hand corner to mark a certain word or sentence

The first icon allows you to make a note

The second icon allows you to mark words and sentences

The third icon allows you to underline certain sections

The fourth icon allows you to strike through parts of the work

The last icon (pencil) allows you to make your own marks on the PDF-File

If you want to delete a mark, just click it and tap the delete button

(Attention: there should be no icons selected)

If you want to delete a work you need to right-click the title and select “move to the trash”

Then right-click the trash and empty it


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