Reference Plugin

Zotero also has a feature for Word and LibreOffice. It works perfectly with the Zotero Desktop App. It helps you create your references. It allows you to generate your citations or your bibliographies in a few seconds. The feature uses the data, which you have saved in your Zotero application through the Zotero Connector. There are also a huge selection of different publisher styles (citation) pre-installed, so you can change the style immediately at wish.

1. After installing the Zotero Desktop Application, the feature should be available

The installation was only successful when a new line in the paper role icon called “Zotero” appears

2. Just click “Add citation” and a new panel will pop up in which you can search for your saved texts.

3. Click enter and the citation will be generated


4. If you want to add a bibliography click “Add Bibliography”

5. Automatically the plugin will generate a bibliography with your used works


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